Glitches in Life

The photograph of the wolves is one I took of the wolves at The International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota.

It’s always time for wolves, don’t you think?

So I finished proofing the 3 books that I have my rights back to, formatted them for ebook, and began to upload them for publishing last night and this morning.

Amazon-done! Kobo-done! Google Books–done! Barnes and Noble–done!

I think that’s all but Ibooks, which I always have a keychain problem on and so I have to wait until next week to get them to help me fix it. I tried. I just have to do this and this and this and this, which is fine. I can follow directions. Except the second “this” doesn’t exist.

And Smashwords, which still shows the titles as belonging to my publisher, therefore I have to wait until next week to hear their verdict before I can upload them.

It will take a while for the ebooks to show up on the various sites and once they do, I’ll have to update all my weblinks everywhere.

Now, it’s time to format them all for print. The hardest part. Redo the cover for print. The even harder part. Though it appears the format for print isn’t working out too badly this morning. Maybe I’ve finally got my rhythm on it. Or not.

Since it’s only 75 degrees this morning, I was out tugging away at weeds and a dead tree. I need to remove another, but because of the issues with my shoulder, I might wait until next weekend to do that one. I removed the other one a little earlier in the week.

I had thought about putting off the print so I could get started on the Halloween story, but I’d rather get this done and out of the way.

All right, I’m back to work! Hope your day is GLITCH-FREE!


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