Done with Physical Therapy!

Which doesn’t mean I can stop exercises for my shoulder. If only I could use a little magic to make it perfect with a blink of my eyes, or have my wolf and jaguar and cougar shifter’s healing ability that heals injuries in half the time! Since I don’t, it means patience and perseverance.

In the meantime, last night, I pulled out the other dead tree and a bunch more weeds. It cooled down! Yay! And I planted a couple of things in the dead tree spots. Though one is only mums so I’ll need to get something more permanent for the other spot. I still need to plant some more plants. I need to make my garden more manageable. That means more evergreen plants that will spread a bit and shade out the weeds and some ground cover that will too.

And I got the new links for the books, so was updating my website. I still need to deal with Apple to get into their program.

I still need to proof the print books for the Highland books, but otherwise I’ve been thinking and thinking on the new cougar novella. Mist. Fog. Friday the 13th. It’s a Halloween story, so need to add some atmosphere.

Have a super great day!! I’m going to see about–well, feeding the furry piranhas first and then getting on with the day!


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