Follow Your Dreams

I was running everywhere yesterday, so never managed to get my blog done. Today…still working on Red Wolf Christmas edits. I took out 5,000 words, it was way over anyway, but I’ve already added back 2,000 words.

I keep thinking and rethinking things. So making some more changes. Need to write quite a bit more. I’m on chapter 26 of 28 chapters, but I feel I’ll never get this done.

And then I have to jump on proofing of Legend of the White Wolf. I had planned to have Red Wolf Christmas done yesterday. Sigh. I have to have both of these done before my granddaughter is here again on Wednesday!

Okay, off to work. Follow your dreams! Mine is: getting these two books finished so I can work on two other books I want to finish writing.

Have a great day!


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