A Smile to Brighten Your Day

According to neuroscientists, it’s the equivalent brain stimulation of having 2,000 chocolate bars. Just think of all the calories you save by smiling! Or you can have the same effect as receiving $25,000–if you’re not into chocolate.

An older man was leaving the grocery store and he looked so glum, I just smiled at him and that one little smile absolutely transformed him. His whole expression brightened, he said something about the weather, it took him out of the doldrums and made his day. And it made my day!

For my daughter’s birthday, we went to a coffee shop, and after my granddaughter had part of our cinnamon rolls, she was wired and running from one of us to the other and around a table to me, giving hugs and kisses. A man was watching her, smiling. Of course we were smiling, as we played the game, “Go give your daddy a hug and kiss. Go give your mommy a raspberry. Go give your grandma a hug.” And she was having a ball, instead of bugging us about leaving while we finished our coffee. And yes, it made for a perfect birthday.


If I smile at my granddaughter, she smiles back, her eyes bright and twinkly. If I smile at my dogs, they wag their tails. Who would ever have thought a smile could equal that much chocolate to a brain that is totally addicted to it.

Smile and lose weight! Hey, sounds like a plan, right?

Okay, I’m off to work on Bite of the Vampire and I HAVE to make up a bear today. Have a smiley day!


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2 thoughts on “A Smile to Brighten Your Day

  1. Good evening Terry
    Nice pics and definitely Smiles are very good they Brighten your Day
    I haven’t been here much.
    Gray days are here to stay … to many around here specially when the cold weather stays so long.
    Hope your shoulder and toe are mending
    Bear hugs!

    • Thanks, Lola!! Think bright sunny days, watch movies set in the Caribbean. 🙂 When it was soooooo hot here, I’d watch nice snowy movies and it is amazing how it makes me feel cooler. My toe is still too sore to wear but only one pair of shoes. I’ve been doing some long walks, but it’s still swelling. And my shoulder is a total pain. Keeps me up all night long. How’s yours doing?

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