Pre-strung Christmas Lights

I spent several hours yesterday removing 7 strands of 8 of the Christmas light strings on the tree. Granted, it’s about 7 years old, but remember when I wondered if I had failed to plug in some of the lights since there were so many strands? Nope. They were just all dead.

Image may contain: christmas tree and indoor

This is a picture I took after adding more strands of lights.

Every year I’ve been in too much of a rush to pack Christmas away, but this time I had to know. And sure enough, tons of the lights were out. We have storms and colder weather next week so I wanted to put all my outdoor lights away too, and so now I’m ready for the new year. Kind of.

With the new year comes taxes and new deadlines!

Have a super day! I’m off to get my started!


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2 thoughts on “Pre-strung Christmas Lights

  1. Having fun yet?? just kidding
    I check my lights when I take the strands off as well as before going into the trouble of putting them on the tree. My lights are Snowflakes in white & blue, every strings has 60 lights… .

    • This is a prelighted tree, so the lights are wound around each of the branches, and getting them off took me forever! lol I had to throw out other strands of lights that I’d had outdoors also, so didn’t pack them away. But this was different. Now that they’re gone, I only have one light strand still wrapped around branches that work, so if they go out next year, It won’t be as bad. 🙂

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