Sometimes You Just Have to Believe

The 10th Anniversary of Legend of the White Wolf is coming out next year, and in the story a professor is studying the behavior of a group of people who are searching for Sasquatch. Now my editor said I couldn’t use that in the story because it wasn’t realistic. Wait, this really happened. My mother was taking senior citizen courses and the professor had actually done this. The editor was afraid I was going to say the Sasquatch was real. Silly editor. Only werewolves and jaguar shifters are real. She ought to know that. lol

Now he sure looks real to me.

Legend of the White Wolf

March 31, 2020 Release Date

Okay, I’m off to get busy on something. It is pouring out. I’m glad I didn’t look at the weather this morning. It said it was supposed to be 39, but it’s only around 60. I walked to the mailbox in the dark, started getting dripped on near the end, and now it’s pouring and thundering. I wouldn’t have chanced going to the mailbox if I’d known it was about to let loose. lol

Have a great day!


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