I’m on Fire!

Having s’mores on New Year’s Eve. I know, where are the marshmallows, right? I was a sticky mess and we were trying to keep little one out of everything. Next time, I’ll take pictures, then start my own s’mores. lol

In a good way! I’m really working to keep at my new doubled-up word count goals, yet still cleaning out storage closets and I want to try and get to the gutters today, if I can. I’m an early morning person, so I took a long walk this morning to get mail in the brisk cold, then began my day, before writing. If it wouldn’t make so much noise, besides that it needs to be a little lighter out, I’d be out there using the vacuum to try and clean out the gutters. When I was out in the country, no problem. But close quarters like this? I don’t want to wake anyone and have a bunch of angry neighbors. So I contain myself.

I’m on the third level of Tower of Time, a good ways through it, battling higher numbers and more monsters ever than before. So much fun. I think I’m in for another battle.

And I’m up to 10K on Highland Wolf, went through the queries again on Red Wolf, explained a few, and now really need to read through it and see if anything else needs changed. I might do that first thing this morning and do word count afterwards. At night, I’m more tired.

Yesterday, I had 3 ideas for Highland Wolf, which is why I was able to get somewhere on the word count with it fairly quickly. In fact, I was having so much fun with it, I was in the zone. I love it when that happens. I didn’t even get to the third idea, so I’ll work that in today. It means writing scenes out of sequence this time, but they’re good, fun scenes. I try to write straight through the story–from beginning to end, but sometimes I just need to write what the characters are showing me like in a movie scene!

Okay, I’m off to feed the dogs, take them out and begin working on the edits. I want to get those turned in today, if I can.

Tomorrow is baby day. She’s back after the long holiday break. I still try to get a 1,000 done after she goes home and maybe I’ll be able to do 2,000. I have 10,000 on Highland Wolf now, and 51,000 words on Vampire Redemption. Woohoo!

Have a great day!!


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