My Fire Fizzled

I worked on so many necessary projects outside, weather was gorgeous, that I didn’t get my writing done. I did finish all the edits on the novella, but need to add one more scene and it was too late, and I couldn’t think. Otherwise, once that’s done, I can turn it in.

I managed to add 1,000 at the last moment to the vampire book.

But I did use the extensions on the vacuum to clean the gutters, still working on it. It’s a major job, but I love being able to get it done and not pay someone $60 to do it every couple of weeks! I’m hoping once I get them cleaned out, the pine trees will stop shedding too much more, but if I keep after it, it won’t be that hard to do.

My pavers were falling underneath the fence also, adjoining my neighbor’s and so I picked up some stones to put under them, hopefully that will prevent them from sinking again. That was a job too.

And I was exercising while I was proofing the book, so I did get some things done. Just not all the word count I wanted.

Okay, little one is on her way, and I’m hoping I might get some word count when she takes a nap. Or…not. I got 1,000 words before she arrived. woohoo!

Have a beautiful day!!!


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