Ever Feel Like You’re Stuck?

I’ve got to get unstuck on my writing.

Yesterday was a non-writing day, since I had to take care of my granddaughter and we were doing a million things last night, including taking little one to gymnastics to try it out. She was scared, cried, not ready for being left alone with a group of older kids who knew what they were doing.

Did you ever want to do something through your kids? Or did your parents do that to you????

Okay, so I admit when my daughter was five and all the other little girls were in ballet, like I’d wanted to do when I was little but my parents couldn’t afford it, I enrolled my daughter. After a few years of it, she wanted to do tap dance and jazz instead. I didn’t force her on anything. But later, she wanted to do gymnastics. I think she was about twelve, but all the kids had been doing it since they were little. So she didn’t go for very long.

So last night, this was an open session where you could try a kid out on it with kids that were probably about six. There was one new girl who was about 3 and a half, very outgoing. My granddaughter isn’t even three and she’s shy around new people. Instead of taking her to a class of preschoolers where moms sit this out now, Grandmom will be taking her to a 1-2 1/2 year old class where Grandmom (according to my daughter), must wear comfortable clothes to help out. Grandmom does just about everything in jeans, except for swimming. Walks. Hikes. Jeans are my go-to exercise outfit and for everything else.

Wait, Grandmom has to do toe touches? Grandmom has never been able to do toe touches except up to the age of about I don’t know, six? Cartwheels? Forget that. Handstands? Ha! Balance beams, I had cat like balance. Really! Hey, and I could do the monkey bars when no other woman in our mixed group of men and women could cross them during Army ROTC before having our breakfast in the mornings.

Anyway, I am always up for a new adventure. Maybe it will be in a story some time. I’m sure she would have tried some of the stuff if she’d had one of us in there with her, so we shall see. Once we reassured her all the kids were having fun, she wanted to go in and play on the mats, but she was still too scared.

In the meantime, oh, I did manage to get 1800 words yesterday, despite all the running. I actually did some writing sprints of 1000 before she arrived at the house, yay! But now, it’s a day of writing.

Tomorrow, Grandmom is trying out for gymnastics.

Have a super fun, stretchy kind of day! Limber up!


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