Birds of a Feather

Gymnastics, with Grandma, was a success! I’ll take her to the younger class one more time, and then we’ll try the older class without Grandma. She wouldn’t have gone in by herself without me, and she kept making sure I was still there, watching her. I asked if she could go to the bigger class without me, and she said, “No, with Grandma,” so we’ll see.

She didn’t take a nap again, ugh. I thought with all the tumbling and running she’d fall asleep in the car on the way home. She got quiet, which often means she has fallen asleep, but as soon as we arrived home, “Grandma, where are we going?”

lol So then I fed her lunch, tried all kinds of Grandma tricks, and nothing worked. Sometimes a walk will do it. She needs her nap. Grandma needs her to take a nap. lol

Four days to work on: Vampire Redemption, Highland Wolf, and need to proof Night of the Billionaire. Oh, and weed. It turned nice and warm this morning, so I was weeding first thing, but I picked up some weed killer for weeds in the grass that hopefully will help. With such a mild winter, even some of my flowers are blooming and the weeds definitely are and I can’t keep up!

Have a fun day!!! I’m off to get mine started. Well, more than it has been already!


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