Do you ever have problems with focusing on things because there are too many other distractions? When I was learning photography, and will always be learning how to do better, I could be so OFF on my focus. Back of monkey, beautiful. All the strands of fur were in perfect focus. The face? A virtual blur. Not good. I took these 7 years ago, and miraculously, some turned out really well. lol

I’ve found with focusing on word count, knowing I can do better, I’ve been managing 2,000 per day on each of two books. I turned in my novella, but got Night of the Billionaire Wolf proofing to do, so I’m up to chapter 6 on that. And I was exercising while I was proofing, and I finished up a bear I needed to do. I started watching a French series about a thief in the woods, I guess a grim Robin Hood while I was working on the bear. And I made it to the 5th tower level in Tower of Time. So I’m able to get lots of stuff done AND get more writing done… and even have time to play, just with a little focus.

Yesterday, I was trying to get a better handle on weeding. It’s way out of hand and I can’t ever get ahead of it. So I put down some weed killer. I don’t like using it because I have so many beneficial critters out there I don’t want it to affect and I’m afraid it will kill plants I don’t want to kill. The yard guys put some down on my flowering dianthus. And yep, it killed it. It seemed like when I’ve tried this before, it really didn’t help eliminate the weeds, so we shall see. I just need some help at it, maybe until I can get it under control. Laughing.

Off to work! Have a great day focusing on what you want to do for work and play!


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