Round Little Goldfinch

Usually when I see a butterball bird, it’s a baby. Goldfinches are usually thinner looking, which makes me think this is a baby. The mockingbird babies are huge compared to their overworked mommy and daddy who are constantly feeding them when they can feed themselves just fine. Cardinals are the same way as they sit on the feeders full of seeds and still open their beaks for mom or dad to feed them.

Managed 3,000 words on Highland Wolf and 1,000 on Wolf in Need yesterday. Cut back all the stuff I needed to cut back, I think. Can’t keep up with the weeds. Sometimes I think I should just let them take over since they are so happy here and stop fighting the inevitable. Live and let live. I’m sure my neighbors would be happy with that. Not.

Okay, off to write. Have a beautiful day wherever in the world you are!


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