Changing the Mood

A little chickadee in three different moods. It’s like writing too. Stories have mood. Scenes have mood. You have moods.

I managed to get 2,000 on Wolf in Need and 2,000 words on Highland Wolf! Now when I say that, it’s usually more. I just have to get the 2,000. The day before yesterday, it was 2273 on Highland Wolf. Last night it was 2375. And on Wolf in Need, I’m 55 words closer to my goal today.

The dishwasher repairman is supposed to come today. Yay!

I managed to fight all the monsters over again in Tower of Time, after I did the wrong thing for one of my characters in a challenge and she wasn’t balanced. Can’t have that. Luckily, I had saved an early game, but had to go through all the battles again. So now I’m on the 8th floor in the tower. Yay!

And it’s going to be warm again today, which means I’ve got to do more yard work. Tomorrow little one will be here and it’s supposed to be rainy and cold. For us. It’s all relative. It’s certainly not cold like it is up north. Here, we have lots of flowers blooming.

Okay, I’m off to write before these guys get here. Between 8-12. Will they arrive at 8? I’m ready! But I’m not counting on it!

Have a wonderfully moody, good moody, day!


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