Blue Bird

Still have an awful sore throat. Hoping it’s not strep. They say young children under 5 shouldn’t get it, and adults don’t either, but little one goes to daycare 3 days a week, so it’s like going to school and picking up everything. She’s had strep before, and I’ve had it after she was sick and then I became sick.

The problem is she’s always wanting hugs and to sit on my lap and read stories, and then she’s sneezing and coughing, and the next thing you know, Grandma’s got it. But I still wouldn’t give up the hugs and lap sitting to read her stories.

I did manage to finish proofing Joy to the World and sent it in and wrote 2,000 words on Wolf in Need. I was awake most of the night with this awful sore throat, but it’s feeling not as bad this morning when I swallow. Here’s hoping it will go away on its own.

Have a beautiful day! It’s nice and warm here, and feels great!


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