We Will Win the Fight Against the Bug! Eventually…


An expert in the field of epidemiology says this:


When will people in power listen? And why not take this seriously in the first place? Way before my dad died like fifteen years ago, this was what he said. Way before all the movies showing pandemics, apocalypses, zombie movies that all had to do with viruses that caused this. It doesn’t take an epidemiologist to tell us this was where we’re headed. Yet did anyone in power listen?

Yes! In some countries. And my hat is off to them for doing something about it once they realized there was a problem.

Yes, we are not doing enough testing in this country. How can we know who is sick and who is not?

So unless you have a doctor’s note or were around someone who tested positive (uhm, how do we know if someone did if nobody’s getting tested?–which was exactly the case of one woman who had it and was extremely ill from it), had traveled, or are a first responder, medical health personnel, you’re not going to be tested. I don’t even have a doctor. My clinic closed down. One day they were there. The next day, it was an urgent care facility with a nurse and no testing whatsoever.

But then, they had free testing in Houston, just one place, and 3 mile long lines, and it was for anyone, so who shows up? Young women who are the least likely to have it or suffer from it. No elderly who need to be tested.

In Los Angeles, did they just say they’re no longer going to test for it? They’re just so overwhelmed?

Didn’t the epidemiologist say we need to know who all has it, who has recovered to help get a handle on this and find a cure and… Whatever.

So then we have over 100 people attending 4 different weddings in NYC? Spring breakers cramming the beaches in Florida? One 20-something saying something to the effect, “If I get it, so I get it?” What then? Pass it along to those who don’t have it, because that’s exactly what would happen?

A Japanese man saying he’s going to pass his virus to others. An American who licked ice cream and put it back on the shelf and shared it with the world. He did buy the ice cream, but they had to destroy all the rest! And of course he was arrested. A local man being arrested for saying he had the virus and he didn’t? Teens in the UK blowing on vegetables to pass along the virus if they have it? A man licking his hand and rubbing it along the pole on a subway?

What is wrong with people?

Thank God we have some really decent folks and businesses that are trying to help out when everyone’s struggling to stay well and provide for those who are needing the help.

I try to look at only the positive side of things. I shouldn’t read all the news articles. But I do look for positive things too.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'During a crisis. Care and Share Think about reaching out to friends and family or your community.'

If you ran out of bleach, guess what? Soap is supposed to be better than bleach in the fight against the virus!


Okay, I’m going to try and get back to work on the books. I did manage 2,000 on Seducing the Vampire, but Red Wolf is languishing.

Have a good, safe day! In our community, they’re doing a decorate the door, so people can stay home and do something to share with the community. My kids are doing it. Me? I’m trying to write!


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  1. Mr “brilliant” is just another Trump basher, angry because he thinks he got cheated out of his fifteen minutes of fame.

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