I’m Not an Alarmist but…

I was afraid this would happen. The pandemic, I mean. When the folks in China became sick, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out with all our world traveling–it would spread. And spread. And spread.

I wasn’t a panic buyer. Just like I didn’t panic buy before Hurricane Harvey hit us. I was just getting some fresh fruits and vegetables when I realized tons of shelves were empty. I didn’t panic buy even then, but picked up a few more items, like dog food, and am glad I did because I was nearly out and the shelves were too.

What I didn’t expect was for everyone to be so unbelievably unprepared. For the healthcare systems to be so overrun in some areas. For the same thing to happen in other areas too if people don’t come to their senses. That there was soooooo much denial of the problem from our leadership which exacerbated the problem. Why???? Because people listen to our leadership. They believe in what they have to tell us. We have this under control. We don’t have an issue. I. Am. Smart.

Right. So smart, we have a pandemic here without barely any testing going on. Stay home. Live if you can. Die if you can’t.

I just read about a 39-year old woman who died in her apartment. Someone was infected at her workplace, the woman who died had been tested, but she wouldn’t learn about the results for 5 more days. Don’t bother. She no longer needs to self-isolate.

It’s scary to think that self-isolating will fix the problem. For how long? Forever? Until those who have it either live or die? And then what?

I always try to be positive. My dad used to say he’d never met someone who was always so optimistic about things as me.

My mother said when I received yet another rejection from a publisher that I was always so upbeat. “But, Mom, that was a good rejection! They said send something else!”

It was one of those form letters and they sent it to everyone, right? But I was an optimist and I knew they really meant it.

So when our great leadership was saying everything was okay, businesses and governments were still sending their people flying across the world, flying across the States…and spreading the disease more. I kept thinking, this isn’t safe. We shouldn’t be doing this. Don’t do this. But no, everything’s fine. We’re fine. We have it under control. I. Am. Smart.

I love how places say they have no cases of the virus. Right. If you don’t test, you don’t have any confirmed cases. It happened in West Virginia. The governor was praised because he had no cases. Right. They had done no testing! The wife of the man who was their first case, well, two because she got it from her husband, had to fight and fight and fight to get her husband tested.

Or if you cover it up, you don’t have any cases either. Nope, everything is hunky-dory here. Right. Denial works too.

In a case like this, honesty is the best answer. Burying heads in the sand won’t make it go away. But maybe the truth will help us to get a handle on it.

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I want to be positive and upbeat, but I’m angry with our leadership, with the way they’ve mishandled it. I feel for the people who are having to work for UPS and other delivery services who are sick and have been told they can’t take off from work, for those who are working at the grocery stores, exposed to everything every day, to our EMTs, and medical staff, first responders, police force. For everyone who has to work when others can stay home and self-isolate.

I don’t want to think about the economy right now. I am sticking my head in the sand about that. It will bounce back once we truly have the virus under control. I know it will. Everyone will be eager to get back to work. Everyone will be producing goods and offering services, socializing, just like it never happened. I don’t want to think of a negative scenario on this. It will happen. I say so. Because I’m a dyed-in-the-wool optimist.

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from a distance…

Oh, and if you use unmatched socks or paper towels or corn cobs if you’ve run out of toilet paper, DO NOT put them in the toilet. I thought that was a given, but apparently that’s a new problem. Shaking head.

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Stay safe and if you can help out those who need help, great, if you’re in one of the professions, including grocery store personnel and home deliverers, that are helping people, I applaud you and thank you, and if you’re self-isolating, thank you too!!!


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4 thoughts on “I’m Not an Alarmist but…

  1. we took in 2 of my great grandsons school friends who were living on the streets. our male roommaate had to close his motorcycle shop, his wife works at Wal-Mart still so we have an income there and my disability that is what we support 7 people on. We had n idiot the other day runing thru the grocery store jumping over carts, grabbing things from people until he ran into my daughter as she was reaching for a can of coffee. She told him try it you will regret it about that time the manager and security showed up and threw him out of the store. He knows our family since 2 granson worked there until he was killed in and accident and the other worked there for years and he knows our families consumtion of coffee and how many people were living with us and he gave her a case. And asked if we needed anything else. He takes great care of his regular customers and makes sure that we are getting what we need. He even told us to call in orders and he would bring it to the curb which is helpfull to all the older people that shop there. I told him my vehicle was my walker and he said he would bring whatever i needed out and put in on my walker. LOL been thinking of doing it so i don’t have to go into the store. He keeps me stocked with banans when i run out. The doctor has me on a banana a day and he makes sure i have a supply of green ones also to ripen. He does things like that for his regulars. And thankfully i have a stock of your books to reread and the family tree to work on.

    • Thanks so much for taking people in, Dee, you are an angel. And I’m glad they are doing so much for you at the grocery store. I’m going to do some home deliveries when I run out of vegetables. Enjoy your books and the family tree!!!

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