State Borders Closing? Effective Treatments for Covid-2019?

Our health reporter Donald McNeil writes: “If it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for 14 days while sitting six feet apart, epidemiologists say, the whole epidemic would sputter to a halt.”

Not entirely true. Sources are saying the virus can be shred 3 weeks after getting it!

Anyway, so some of my fans have said they’ve seen notices that the borders between states are closing. Not true! Quit panicking!! Or is it?

Nearly 70 drugs may be effective in treating the virus, researchers reported. Some medications are already used to treat other diseases, and repurposing them may be faster than trying to invent a new drug, the scientists said.

A lost or reduced sense of smell and taste has emerged as a telltale sign of Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

In the meantime, my daughter and SIL continue to self-isolate and stay at home and work. She is in charge of the distribution of food to children at the schools. He is a computer analyst.

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She has been trying so hard to grow some produce from seed, babied her lettuce that died in a frost, tried again and they were doing great before the heat really starts to hit–and then? Sir Rilo the corgi struck! Yep, he went after everything in her garden, including radishes and green beans. I have to watch my havanese with my tomato plants. They will pluck off the tomatoes and happily eat them.

In other news, in Oregon the police are asking people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Is anyone feeling like a hypochondriac? You take a walk in the cold and your nose drips. You're doing all that back-bending yard work or still shoveling snow and your back hurts. You're breathing in all the spring polleni in the air and coughing. you're in the south and it's hot as it is here.some days, you feel like you might be feverish. Every cough, ache, sneeze, nose drip could mean it's Spring Time!'

Just some ideas to help you clean the right areas to help against the coronavirus.…/18/wo…/clean-home-coronavirus.html

And a little coronavirus humor before places were shut down:

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I’m off to proof Vampire Redemption. It’s really clean, I’m just having trouble staying focused. Stay home if you can! Stay safe.


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