Keep Your Distance and Chin Up!

I thought this was cute:

At the grocery store yesterday, they had us standing 10 feet away from each other. They were cleaning carts, the clean ones were inside the store. They had hand sanitizer they would squirt on your hands before going in and coming out. It wasn’t crowded inside and no long lines. They were limited how many went into the store. A good thing! I also finished my taxes. Yay! I still need to do my car registration for April. You can register online, yay! But you have to go in to have a car safety inspection. Boo!

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Working on Red Wolf. Or trying to, but taking my morning walk in the dark before too many people are up and about and it gets too hot.

I published Vampire Redemption, but still waiting on the links for most of the sites.

Vampire Redemption

Huntress Pasha wants revenge against the vampire who had decimated her family of hunters and she’s sure she’s found her mate—a hunter who saved her and helped free her family. But he is a hunter turned vampire now and as much as she hates the vampires for what they’ve done to her and her family, she scorns any notion of settling down with one.

Zachary is in love with one hot-blooded huntress and he’ll do anything to save her and her family from the vampires who had taken them hostage. But now, he’s one of them, and he can’t come to grips with what he’s become. He’s on a mission to help Pasha eliminate the vampires who destroyed her family and hopes he will fall in battle, an honorable way to die—as a hunter eliminating rogue vampires who threaten mankind.

But just maybe being a hunter turned vampire isn’t the worst thing that can happen to him, if he can have an edge against the vampires, if only he wasn’t shunned by the huntress he has lost his heart to.

Keep safe!


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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Distance and Chin Up!

  1. Good day Terry,
    I haven’t gone anywhere since Saturday the 14th.
    trying to make my mind to drive down to Wal-mart, my printer is out of inks
    I have used all the color inks, so I could only print in Black and that one is gone.
    I used to buy them in Best Buy in La Crosse but they closed
    Take care

    • You can order them online. 🙂 I did for my printer in the past, and I just found that I could order nose tissues from a variety of places, including Office Depot! It’s not like it’s not available, it’s just that people are hoarding. So I did that and will share with my kids. Can’t find them in the grocery store. After the 2 week stay at home, and one trip to the grocery store and then to the tax office yesterday, I will try to make it for the next 3 weeks without going out. 🙂 Stay safe!!!

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