Flowers to Brighten Your Day

Okay, so I wrote 400 words on Red Wolf yesterday and I couldn’t get anywhere with it and wham! I get Wolf Fever’s 10th Anniversary Edition to proof, along with the new novella. I started on that, figuring it was easier to proof than to write the other novel, and I need to turn this in 9 days from now. I’m up to page 84 of 361 and raring to go this morning.

But first, my computer crashed and I was in the middle of redoing a cover for Scepter of Salvation. And of course when I brought up Photoshop, it wasn’t one of the pictures that was recovered. Of. Course.

And I have no idea if Red Wolf was recovered properly either. I haven’t opened it up yet.

That is my morning, and it’s going to get better. I’m going to make sure of it! Off to get going on Wolf Fever! So I can get back to Red Wolf!

Have a wonderful day free of stress, if that’s at all possible in the world today.


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