Salvia, I Think!

I planted a whole lot of the seeds there, and I hope that’s purple salvia and not just weeds. Otherwise I should be tearing them up right now and not waiting!

Here it is in one flowerbed, but I haven’t seen any sign of it this year. It’s a perennial, so it should keep coming back. I have another flowerbed where it seems to have vanished too.

Here it is in another flowerbed and it’s growing strong. I need to take pictures of it. And the other with just the seedlings, that’s a new flowerbed. They’re really beautiful if I can just keep seeing them year after year. And yes, for master gardeners, I’m sure the seedlings are all too close together. So what do I do? Try to transplant them? Or keep trying to figure out my plot for this book and carry on?

I managed to reach 10,000 words on Red Wolf. 70,000 to go. Still need a great plot and conflict between the hero and heroine! I’m also redoing a cover for one of my fantasy books. I’ve looked at tons of book cover artists premades, but don’t see what I’m looking for and when I try to have something custom made, I usually am not that happy with it.

I could say that my writer’s block is because I’ve written probably 70 books and it’s hard coming up with brand new plot ideas. I could say it’s all the alarming news about the coronavirus and what is in store for all the countries of the world that are dealing with this–and believe me, I worry about everyone everywhere! I could say it’s because sometimes this is just my method of madness and if I keep writing I will have an ah-ha moment and know just what I need to do to fix it.

And I could say it’s a combination of all three and I’d probably be right. But I persevere in the face of real catastrophe while I try to concentrate on the deadline book, because the deadline isn’t going away.

All I can say is stay safe and keep going!


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2 thoughts on “Salvia, I Think!

  1. The salvia you show is more of a tender perennial. Depending upon where you live, and how mild the winter has been, it can return,..or not. The seedlings you show in top photo do not look like salvia, more like marigolds. Your bed is pretty!

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