Where are they Going?

I saw a plane flying overhead this morning as I walk to the mailbox to pick up all my spam mail and around the block for my morning exercise. I hear one later and I wonder, where are they going?

Isn’t the WHOLE world under lock down? Should you be traveling in an airplane or a cruise ship right about now? Why would you?

Fleeing somewhere that’s been hard hit and then possibly carrying the virus somewhere else? Not that I blame the people who think they’re not carrying it and want to go to somewhere more isolated, but….who knows?

I see the numbers go up and up and up. And yet, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have no idea how many people really have it. Mild cases. Not so mild cases. We don’t have the testing for it. Those who have it can’t get tested because they’re not the right age. They don’t have proof they’ve been infected by someone who has it. Yet they have it.

We finally went into lock down ourselves in our county.

Over 40 teams around the world are working on a cure. Pray that they find one soon.

We will get through this. The economy will come back. But it’s going to take time.

I said I wouldn’t go anywhere for 3 weeks. I try to stay home for 2 weeks at a time. That’s to ensure that if I get it, and it’s incubating, I can stay away from others and not spread it. It’s been a week and I’ve got to go out again. *sigh*.

So I thought, no problem, prescription medicine, pick up at the window. Then my daughter tells me their marriage is in grave danger if my son-in-law doesn’t have Dr. Pepper and their food isn’t being delivered until Thursday. If I get this from going into the store, I want Dr. Pepper to know it’s all their fault.

Okay, still trying to find a great conflict between the hero and heroine of Red Wolf. I have 9,000 words now. Seventy-one thousand to go.

Have a safe day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Where are they Going?

  1. Dr Pepper lol
    we are not in a flying route where we live, but we are at a “helicopter route between The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and the Gundersen Clinic, La Crosse,WI so we hear them flying sometimes often, Winona, MN have a Helicopter too but that flying route is a little north from us.

    • This is such a mess. I delivered the emergency Dr. Pepper to stabilize their marriage, eggs to dye for Easter, green bananas for my daughter, and a green dinosaur in a pink tutu for little one. Grandma can’t help herself.

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