Another Day in a Surreal World

Turned in Wolf Fever 10th Anniversary edition! Yay!

Okay, need to get back to Red Wolf. The weather was so nice and it’s garbage day, so I was out trimming back plants. I planted an esperanza and it kept dying back in winter, not this year, and I have a rosebush near by. The next thing I know, I have a pine tree, several crape myrtles, and a yaupon holly tree all growing in and around them. I had a crape myrtle butted up against the fence, another rosebush, this one a volunteer right next to the fence and another crape myrtle showed up right next to the patio, all in bad places. So I was cutting back, digging up.

Now, if I hadn’t bothered to plant, I could have had all kinds of things growing there without any effort. Or would I have? In any event, everything was getting way too crowded. I’m trimming up the yaupons into straight trees. They’ll grow 15-25 ft, so that will give me some screening from the neighbors.

I alternate between wanting to just shut down, play a game and wake up when this is all over like Rip Van Winkle. Don’t you?

But deadlines loom and I LOVE writing stories. Especially when they come to me easily!!! Story…where are you?

Be safe!


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