Now We’re Supposed to Wear Masks

Yep. Before it was it could be a bad thing for you. It could be worse for you.

Now the truth is, well, we want to keep the masks for our health professionals, which is totally understandable, but quit all the lying!

Yes, the masks can help, not only those who are showing virus symptoms, but from those who aren’t.

I read a good article about the density of the virus and how much sicker you can get if you are surrounded by it at work or at home with a sick family. It made sense that if you were in a grocery store and randomly picked it up, you might not be as sick, if you have no underlying health issues. But if you are packed in a place with people who have it, that you could be sicker.

I know from colds you can reinfect yourself, even with reusing a tissue. That you can do the same with the flu with using the same toothbrush from when you were sick. I always discard mine after I’ve been sick.

Can you reinfect yourself with this virus?

My son said that some say if you’ve had the flu recently, which I had, that your immunity might have built up and so you might not get it or as bad a case of it. If it takes the immune system a while to get into gear, that means it takes longer to take on the virus. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but since I have 5 weeks of being sick with the flu, I sure hope so. I was worried my immune system would have been compromised, but maybe not. I had read where the swine flu in 2009, that was totally downplayed and I didn’t even realize the States had it that bad, affected the younger people, that they thought that 60 or older crowd had built up an immunity from an earlier flu, but that the younger people hadn’t been exposed to the earlier flu that would help them have an immunity.

I don’t know. I had the flu really bad maybe seven years prior to that. So maybe so.

Hmm, so does that mean a little exposure might help in the future against other viruses? There is so much that is unknown.

Now we should wear masks. But it’s not mandatory. You know what? That’s really a good thing because buying them? There is no such thing.


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