Forget Reality, Time to Take a Break

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In our county, someone started a testing service for the virus at $150 a pop. Cash. No credit cards. When insurance is supposed to be covering this. What gives? A scam?

A get-rich scheme by someone for people who can’t get tested?

Despite some saying that everyone can get tested. There is no problem with testing–it’s not true. So stop saying there’s no problem with testing.

Off my rant. I’ve got to write in my realistic fantasy world where there is no pandemic, soap and toilet paper shortages, no problem with eating out or flying on a plane or taking a cruise on a cruise ship, no problem going to a movie theater packed with people, or a grocery store, or a restaurant. Where kids can be seen playing on playgrounds, and bicycles are locked while the kids are in classrooms, and everywhere the traffic is a mess (well, one good thing from the lock down), where people still greet with a handshake and don’t have to stand 6 feet, or is that 10 feet away now? Where the news isn’t about death and dying numbers rising as if we were a world at war–which we are, just a different enemy this time. Where people aren’t calling their lawyers constantly, asking when they can file for divorce. Where the wasn’t a condom shortage. Yeah, of all times, right?

Yeah, my perfectly realistic fantasy world that is looking better each day!

Be safe!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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