Winning the Highlander’s Heart on Sale for 99 Cents!!!

Winning the Highlander’s Heart, Book 1

Lady Anice vows to flee the amorous advances of King Henry I, and return to her home in the Highlands, where she hopes to find a laird to wed, when she learns her staff has vanished. Premonitions of imminent danger warn her of foul play and she is certain she is cursed when it comes to marriage.

The king orders the Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, seeking an English bride, to provide the lass safe escort and learn what has become of her staff. Escorting her home safely proves a dangerous trial in and of itself and keeping his heart out of the matter, when the king wishes her wed to one of his loyal barons instead, complicates issues further. Losing his heart to the lass means Malcolm could very well lose his head.

Some of my mother’s ancestors were from Scotland and the family that inspired me were the MacNeills–Malcolm who ran off with the duke’s daughter, Elizabeth Campbell. Now, trying to find the true information about this is nigh to impossible because the records just don’t exist. But the family’s tale has spread across families none of us have ever met, some of whom still live in Prince Edward Island where Malcolm and Elizabeth ended up.

But their love story inspired me to write the Highland series.

Winning the Highlander’s Heart is regularly $4.99 but for 2 weeks, it’s 99 cents. Get yours while the sale lasts!

The MacNeill Clan even evolved into a Highland Wolf series! Working on edits on the next one now!

Have a great day and stay safe!


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