Playing Around with Older Photos–Turning into Art!

Cougar at the Omaha Zoo
Elephant at the Omaha Zoo

I take tons of pictures at zoos, wildlife reserves, on hikes, at arboretums, and though they are sharp and good (not all of them of course), the backgrounds are boring on some. So I’ve been playing around with texture overlays and texture backgrounds. With the elephant, I added flying dirt particles using a brush to give the sand motion. So much fun. From so-so zoo pictures to something that is really fun to look at.

So I’m back to Red Wolf. Have 50K. Working on turning it into 60K this week. 80K is the minimum and I’ll shoot for around 89K or so.

And I’m off! Have a safe day!


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5 thoughts on “Playing Around with Older Photos–Turning into Art!

    • It sure is. Well, I’m writing, did promotional blogs for Billionaire, and the art is for fun. Tomorrow little one will be here and that means I’ll be busy. 🙂 Thanks!!!

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