Ack, It’s Thursday! Not Wednesday!

And I forgot to blog again first thing this morning. What is up with that?

I was out planting MAMMOTH sunflower seeds before it got hot. Totally forgot it was Thursday, and when I heard the sanitation collectors, I ignored them, wondering what it could be because it sure sounded like the garbage trucks, but now, it’s Wednesday. Until they got closer and closer and closer–oh, oh, oh, it’s Thursday! So off I make a mad dash to get the garbage bag from the patio that I had filled with grass and weeds and stuff, and the kitchen garbage and dashed outside. But wait, did they already come? Since I’d heard them earlier, I thought maybe they had.

Nope, the recycle collectors had come earlier. And the garbage collector was just around the bend. Yay! Out went the garbage and I saved Thursday, but as far as writing goes, I keep thinking it’s Wednesday.

Have a great day! I’m back to working on Red Wolf.

2 thoughts on “Ack, It’s Thursday! Not Wednesday!

  1. I think this virus has all of us mixing up our days. Shows how we are so use to certain things happening in a certain order through the week, and now they do not. I know with hubby doing all the grocery shopping, and doing a good job, I am getting my days mixed up. So just move over Terry. LOL We are all in the same boat.

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