Monarch Butterfly Laying Eggs

Had a ball at my daughter and son-in-law’s house for his birthday. I had gotten him a board game, Everdell, that we played and though I said he should win, since it was his birthday, I won! Even better. lol My friend said, they let me win. Ha! They are super competitive. We’d never played the game so we learned as we went and while they were wheeling and dealing, I was doing my own little hope-this-works strategy and it did. They were both shocked. I really thought my daughter had won. I had double their score. Yay for Grandma!

We’re having hamburgers on the grill for Memorial Day.

So, I’m back to working on Red Wolf. Starting from the beginning and editing more. Though I still need to finish it. I’m hoping working from the beginning, I will know what I need to do. Talk to me, people! (I’m talking to the characters in the story–they really do their own thing and if I interfere, I go down the wrong path.)

We’re supposed to get rain. But that’s been the same old story for days now. You have 100% chance of rain at 8 am, delayed now until 2-3 pm, wait, 10 pm, no, 2 in the morning, change that to 8 am, how about 5-6 in the evening, okay, not until 8 in the morning, make that 5 in the evening… This is the ongoing changes from day to day. They say women change their minds, ha! The weather is worse!

So not a a drop of rain, yet we were supposed to have it from Friday through Thursday of next week. It’s Sunday now. Noon–that’s what they say now. Honest. Noon. Well actually: 12:15 to be precise.

Right. It will come if it comes. And right now? I have no faith in the weatherman. Just saying… lol

Have a super great day!


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2 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly Laying Eggs

  1. Same here on the rain. My vegetable garden is waiting for it. Meanwhile we will be doing the burgers also. Happy Memorial Day!

    • I know! The weather is so weird. I have 40 tomatoes on one plant! Can’t wait for them to begin ripening up! 🙂 Happy Memorial Day!

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