Out Weeding

It always gets away from me. I think sometimes that maybe it would be best to just have…grass.

But taking pictures of tons of grass would be downright…boring.

Okay, little one will be here any second. I was out weeding like crazy and cutting back some rosebush branches that were dead.

And I was using the Wacom to paint a tulip, first lesson. I am so bad with the Wacom, it’s like being a toddler and learning how to draw with a crayon. So trying to learn a painting skill with it on top of that makes it doubly bad. I was doing better on a bottle, lemon, and pear with the mouse. I did them with the pen also. But I’m sure as I get more used to it–practice does make things better!–I will get better at it.

The pen doesn’t want to curve when I want to curve. It wants to squiggle.

This is the first lesson in painting color onto blown-out highlights in Beyond the Brushes. We haven’t gotten the training in edges yet. I have 3 other practice pictures to work on after this. But I’m also going to pull up the first 3 pictures of the bottle, lemon, and pear and redo them to get more practice in. My Wacom wouldn’t work yesterday so I gave up on it and just worked on Red Wolf. I had worked on that all day, but was taking a break from that to paint the picture.

They show people doing beautiful pictures with people and pets. The fur critters is what I want to do.

Went to the grocery store yesterday, and was glad to see that most people were distancing and wearing masks. This woman came up to me and said, “Ma’am. Ma’am.” And I looked up from peering at the meats to see my daughter in a mask. lol We’d had the same idea.

Gotta run! Have a fun and safe day.


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2 thoughts on “Out Weeding

  1. I assume you grow in beds or such where you live. I don’t seem to have time for flowers but they are so very pretty. I cultivate weeds in my vegetable garden with a little tractor. My garden is about 100 ft square and I have started a second one the same size. The little tractor cultivates it easily, but if I were doing things on a much smaller scale, such as beds around the house I think I would try mulch for weed control. I even got some bales of hay this year thinking I would try it on a portion of my crop but it was more work than it was worth. It would help retain some moisture which is a big problem here when the rains stop. There needs to be more than one of me. lol

    • Oh, yes, if we could have a gardener, wouldn’t that be nice! And yes on the mulching. I need to do a lot more of it. But I found a ton of flowers came up from last year’s seeds in the ground and I’m afraid putting down lots of mulch would have retarded their growth. My dad would do that with a tractor. It made it easy!! I put down recycled tire stepping squares behind the shrubs in front of the house and that helps me keep it under control back there.

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