Roseate Spoonbill–Photo and Photo Art

My daughter saw what she thought was a flamingo flying over her house, but I think it was a spoonbill. They’re so pretty. This was the one at the Waco zoo.

Little one and I did laundry, pumped up the tires of the garden wagon, put the recycle stuff in the bin, put the stuff in the mulcher thingy, watered plants this morning, before we went to the pool and met up with her parents. It began pouring and they closed the pool. It’s supposed to thunderstorm later.

So that means I’m ready to begin writing about Logan Cameron and Ailith, not sure what her Scottish surname is. I was thinking they might be in competition during Highland cow shows or something. I need to do research. lol

I’m off to make lunch and get to writing. Finished reading Heart of the Highland Wolf last night.

Have a great day! I’m so glad we had rain!!!


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