Giving Up–Don’t Give Up!

Well, not all of us are giving up, but what can we do but do what is smart?

I’m so glad that other countries are benefiting from some of our scientists’ research. I want this to end for all countries. And if their governments are listening, I’m so glad!

Vultures at the Zoo

Did you know it’s illegal to disturb a vulture’s nest? My daughter was telling me that at one of the new schools that recently opened, vultures had built a nest and the school officials couldn’t touch it. But isn’t that all about learning anyway? First hand science.

We spied vultures on top of a building and kids nearby were calling them hawks. I told them they were turkey vultures. They thought that was cool. Especially how they cleaned up dead things. lol

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. We had 4 1/2″ of rain—yay! And that meant I was out trying to weed before the heat gets to me. Fire ants are out also. I know! One got me. Filled half of a 40 gallon bag with grass and weeds and put out some more bark mulch. I know they say it’s supposed to keep the grass from taking hold and keep the ground more moist in dry spells, but sometimes it feels like it’s there to promote weed growth. lol

Taking a water break and then back at it.

I finished proofing for Mage of Maldovia print book and Scepter of Salvation and am working on Vampire Redemption. So trying to get those out in print soon.

Have a super lovely day and try to stay safe.


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