Desert Dust and the Beauty of a Butterfly

The Beauty of a Butterfly–Monarch on Zinnia

Having trouble with WordPress again. I wrote this 2 hours ago, but the blog wouldn’t post. So now I’m trying to copy and paste onto a new blog. Total pain.

The Sahara Desert dust has come to stay–for a while.

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The dust is outside and inside–air quality was at 170-awful, yesterday.

This reminds me of the awful dust storms we would have in West Texas.

With the dust, it’s reduced the chance of having the storms we’ve been having. I was hoping that they would wash the dust away. But it has also chased away hurricane and tropical storms, for the time it’s visiting us.

I managed to write 2500 words on Dreaming of the Highland Wolf. I spent half the day with my daughter and granddaughter, then spent the rest of the day working on the story.

And I took one of the pictures I’d taken and played around with it before I did some edits on the novella and called it a night!

Have a great day! Air quality is 102 here so far, and we already have a heat index of 89 and it’s only 5 am. I’m off to make corrections and then try and catch up on my oil painting class. Then write. By the time it gets to be late, I’m too tired to try.


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