Carolina Anole

I love them! They’re so pretty, especially when they’re green. I caught pictures of a Cuban anole also, but will share later. They don’t turn colors like the Carolina Anole but are brown with all kinds of interesting ridges.

I wrote 3500 words on Dreaming of the Highland Wolf yesterday. In a novella, you need to keep it to a single plot line–but since this one is Highland, wolf, and a romance, and I always have a mystery, some humor, some conflict, it still has to have a lot of variables to add in there. No dead bodies this time. I just don’t have room for them. lol

Skies are clearing of the Saharan Desert dust, yay! Went for a walk for the first time in several days.

I’m at the halfway point on the novella! Now, if I can only keep up the momentum. I’m hoping to have it done in 3 days–as in have written the story, then need to edit it, then I need to begin working on Wolff Bros II due back October 1st. I think I have to do Dreaming of the Wolf 10th Anniversary release novella also.

I’m off to work!!!

Have a wonderful, safe, and clean-air day! Well, as clean as it can be in a big city.


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