Birds Posing Turned into Art

It’s fun adding painted textures to a zoo picture that would otherwise be distracting when you want to emphasize the subject. These textures were from Daily Texture.

Do you have to teach a dog to chew, rather than swallow? Birds swallow. Maybe Tanner thinks he’s a bird. I gave them their flea medicine this morning, but this time was really watching them. I usually put them in their crates to do it because Max is slower at eating his food/medicine. Well, he chews his food, that’s why! Tanner just swallowed his.

I didn’t get anything done hardly yesterday, writing wise, edited, but only added about 70 words because I was busy with little one, then went to my daughter and SIL’s to have fajitas, and then the three of us girls dancercized to a program. That’s always fun!

I walked this morning, hot, muggy. I should go out and weed, but I really want to get somewhere with the novella. I wanted to start Wolff Bros 2, so I’ll probably start on Monday. Tomorrow, doing stuff with the family, and on Saturday also.

Hope you are staying safe in a world gone mad.


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2 thoughts on “Birds Posing Turned into Art

  1. I have one dog that sniffs and chews. It can be a real challenge to get him to swallow things like pills or bug medicine. If I try to put it inside of something he just eats the whatever and spits the pill out. Dumping it in his kibbles seems to be best. The other dog will swallow anything you present to her without question, including my fingers if they came off. LOL

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