Green Heron and Cougar

I saw the green heron on my walk, the cougar in the zoo, lol. The cougars usually are half hidden, pacing, too far away, so I was glad to get a good shot of one close up and standing still. The green heron was a long ways away, but he turned out pretty good.

Still working on the Highland novella. It was so fun to write. I had to keep researching for it for the storyline details, but also–I had to remember to call lakes–lochs, dollars– pounds…

Because of how bad Texas has gotten with the COVID-19, we have to wear masks now for 3 weeks. Not that I wasn’t, but now it’s mandatory for everyone who wasn’t. I guess they’d prefer having everything shut down again. Our hospitals are getting overwhelmed! People don’t realize that it’s not just COVID-19, but if you break a leg, have a heart attack, get in an accident, you might not have a bed for you!

Have a great day! I’m off to work on the novella and play with the family in a little bit. 97 degrees and heat index is HOTTER.


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