Giraffe Art

The original photo I took at Disney World. I love zoos and animals and so for the first time, I was able to see some of the animals at their Safari Park.

Well, still contemplating how to start my Wolff Bros story, and it drives me nuts when I’m trying to figure it out and don’t know where to go and the days are ticking away. Deadline’s looming. But I don’t want to jump right in and have to rewrite everything all over again.

Sometimes, I need to work on something else that I feel freer to write. So I wrote the first 3,000 words of You Had Me at Cougar. All I know is she has second sight and sees danger for the hero–Chet Kensington. He’s a special agent with the Cougar Special Force that take care of big cat issues–cougars causing trouble, humans causing trouble for the big cats, and danger is his middle name. She works in a bakery–and she is trouble. It all begins at Lake Buchanan. See, it’s hot here. And writing about swimming in a lake appeals.

In fact, I started Dreaming of the Highland Wolf novella with the hero swimming at the loch.

So I’m thinking I can write the start of Wolff Bros where she’s swimming in the indoor ski lodge when she’s not supposed to be. Then I get the swimming part out of the way, I feel good, cooler, and I can work my way outside into the snow.

Okay, I’m off to feed the ravenous puppies. And put out the garbage. And get to work. The temperature is only going to be 91 today instead of 97. But it’s already 85 and feels like 90, so it’s going to still be HOT.

Hope you all had a safe weekend and stay safe!


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