The Photo Bug

This photo was taken in July in San Diego.

I’ve been seeing the beautiful blanket flowers growing wild in a field whenever I drive past it to go to my daughter’s house, and EVERY time, I want to photograph them. But it’s hot out! Even at 7 this morning, it feels like 93 degrees. But I did it. Drove to the clubhouse and walked from their to the field of wildflowers and took pictures to my heart’s content. My lens glass kept fogging up. It was MUGGY and HOT. I’m still trying to cool down. But I also took pictures of lichen, I think it is, and other flowers, reflections of crepe myrtles in a pond, wild grasses, and a bird. I couldn’t tell what it was with the way the light was reflecting off the water. Maybe a heron, maybe a crow or a dove. I really couldn’t tell.

We had 109 heat index yesterday, probably the same or higher today because it’s supposed to get to 98.

Unfortunately, my camera isn’t automatically uploading pictures to my computer any longer. It does this periodically, total pain. So I have to do it manually, and those tiny little frames are hard to tell what the picture is, for me. Anyway, so I hope I got some good shots of the flowers and all to share in the coming week. Despite the heat, I always feel better when I can photograph something!

I managed 3,000 on Wolff Bros yesterday (6,000 now), and 1,000 on You Had Me at Cougar (13K now). That was after spending the morning and having lunch with the kids, so I didn’t get to writing until 3 pm. So now, I’m off to write!!

Have a great day!


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