Green Heron and a Field of Wild Blanket Flowers

There’s nothing like having water in the garden as hot as it is right now, and the birds will probably love the little birdbath with the solar bubbler once they get used to it. They love the fountain. I love water!

So on my HOT, HOT, HOT walk yesterday, it was super muggy and 93 heat index at 7 am. So keeping my lens from fogging up was a struggle. lol

The green heron/blackbird, dove, was a green heron. The sun was shining so brightly off the water, I couldn’t make it out. From the distance I was, and the sun and the foggy camera, it was hard to tell. The green heron, like other herons, have a long neck, but they often keep them tucked close like this–at least when I see them.

Also, this is one of the pictures of the blanket flowers. Several weren’t any good because right after I cleaned my lens it would fog right back up. *sigh*

I spent the evening dancing and having grilled burgers with the kids last night. Well, my daughter and I dancerized, and my granddaughter did a little. We usually have two barking corgis getting underfoot and my granddaughter sometimes gets in the way, or grabs our legs for a hug and my daughter and I spend a lot of time laughing. That exercises our stomach muscles. lol

I did manage 2,000 on Wolff Bros (8,000), and 1,000 on Cougar (14,000).

Hope you are all having a safe and great weekend!


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