Birds and Butterflies

Giant yellow swallowtail. Pelicans? I included the before of the bird picture also to show what a difference it made. The swallowtail is recent, the pelicans were at a zoo in Omaha and no, I haven’t been going to zoos of late. These are all old pictures I’ve never shared. It’s fun taking a ho-hum picture and making something new and interesting out of it.

We were supposed to have 80% rain yesterday, we had none. So today, no rain. Tomorrow, rain. A system in the Gulf might bring us rain. We’ll see. I didn’t get to capture them, but we had some beautiful thunderheads.

I couldn’t write yesterday because of little one. I went over and had dinner with them, so I only managed 349 words on the book. Today, I will have to do better!

I have a hummingbird visiting the hyacinth bean flowers. Who would ever have thought! I haven’t been able to capture it either. I was about a foot away from it the other day, camera in the house. lol

Have a super, great day!!! And stay safe!


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