On Being Helpful

I’ve been pulling dead holly, 🙁 , and pulling some of my milkweed that’s grown into a jungle and lots of grass and weeds since it was cooler yesterday and we had an inch of rain, yay!

But I was thinking about what someone said to me about trying to help others with creating photo art and she really appreciated that I would do that. I thought everyone would do it! I really just started using the textures with success this past March, but before that, I had been doing a couple of years of composites and learning how to really take better photos. I’ve been offering how I do it and several thanked me for my tips.

I’ve watched a ton of Youtube tutorials to learn how to do some things, but through trial and error, and lots and lots and lots of practice, I found what works for me. It’s like with writing, I’ve offered lots of advice to writers over the years. I don’t feel it’s something I have to worry about being in competition with anyone over. When I have time, I like being able to help others. I have noticed when someone asks someone how they did something on their photo art, some either don’t answer, or give such a vague answer, no one would be able to figure out how to do it with their own pictures. It’s like a secret recipe for success and they don’t want to share. But even if they shared, which I was hopeful one would, lol, what I did with it wouldn’t look anything like what they did with it because our base pictures and any textures we added would make them completely different.

Like with stories, photos and creating photo art, we all have a different “spin” on it. We have different life experiences. We have different ways of seeing things. When we create our works–no matter the media–it will still be our own. No competition. Different. And that is what makes each and every one of us special.

Okay, little one will be over here soon and when she is I will totally forget to post this!

Have a beautiful day and hope you are staying safe.

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2 thoughts on “On Being Helpful

  1. Thank you for all your tips. I’ll never be the photographer that you are. But that’s ok. I can always enjoy your pictures. We’re all so glad your writing is unique, just like you. And sometimes if a totally new brother appears, it’s ok. The daddy wolf must have had a secret affair. Even though we know, they mate for life. Nobody’s perfect. *laughing*

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