Reflections on Mixed Messages with a Preschooler

That’s the way I feel when going out in this heat!

So I was pondering something the other day when I was with my granddaughter–mixed messages. I still call her baby sometimes. I try not to. It just slips out. She’s officially the age of a pre-schooler now, no longer a toddler. Sometimes she’s a little girl. “You’re too little to do that. You’re a little girl.” Then at other times, “You’re not a baby. You don’t do that any longer.” Then, “You’re a big girl. See how you can do that?”


I was out pulling up some milkweed that had taken over. One of my rosebushes looks pretty sad. I want to cut it way back, but I don’t think this is the right time to do it. We were supposed to have rain yesterday, then no chance of rain, then it rained. Yay! 80% chance of rain today. It was sprinkling while I was out.

Okay, I’m off to write. I managed to get 1200 words after little one left–49,000 to go. Sounds much better than 80K, which is the minimum.

Have a great and safe day!

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4 thoughts on “Reflections on Mixed Messages with a Preschooler

  1. You can call her anything that fits , if Patrick Swayse said: you can’t put baby in the corner. Don’t call her late for goldfish crackers .

    • Lol, yes, there’s sweetie, honey…Once, I was a substitute teacher for 5-year-olds and I said, “Yes, honey, just put that there.” And he said, “I’m not a honey. My mom calls my dad that.” I stand corrected. You are not a honey. lol 🙂

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