Cool Pictures for Hot Days

I took the picture of the wolves at The International Wolf Center, Ely, MN.

It’s hot. We’re supposed to have thunderstorms, but now they’re like they’re not coming in until this afternoon. Totally clear skies twenty minutes ago, and now big white fluffy clouds have appeared. Weather can change so quickly.

I have to remember to save my story to my email periodically. I’ll be typing away and because of the heat and everyone using AC, we’ve had a lot of electric outages. Just briefly, but enough to shut down the computer in the middle of writing and there’s nothing worse than losing 200-300 words in one flicker of an outage. At least when I’m on my laptop, the battery kicks in.

Hope you all have a safe and fun day! Little one is arriving and I’ve got to get busy. Managed 500 words this morning. Hope to at least get a 1,000 words today.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Pictures for Hot Days

  1. I use a backup battery for my desktop. It is limited on the run time but I think it is an hour or so if an outage occurs when I am not home. So it will eventually run out but most often gives me plenty of time to shut things down correctly if I am here and aware of it. I believe I got mine from Best Buy but Amazon or NewEgg has them.

    • Yeah, I always go to my laptop at night, but during the day, I’m on my main PC. But laptops can be lifesavers during outages.

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