Sleepless Night

Jaguar Dozing.

So I told my daughter I’d take little one overnight next Friday night, but she changed the days I was going to have her from Monday and Wednesday to Wednesday and Thursday. Then I’d have her Friday and Saturday and wouldn’t get any writing done for 3 1/2 days. So I took her yesterday afternoon through today instead.

“Do you want to sleep on your mat in the living room?” I asked little one at 8:30 last night.


Everything is set up. I know how this goes. She wants to be in there until she doesn’t. And then I have to move her mat into my bedroom. So yep, next thing I know, she’s tried to move her mat on her own, gets it hung up on the coffee table, and she’s stuck. So Grandma goes out, grabs her mat, all her stuffed toys, her blankets, sets her up near the bed.

I bring in my laptop, hoping I can work a little later on the story. It’s already 9 pm.

“I want to come in bed with you,” she says.

“In just a few minutes. Let me finish this.” I hope she’ll sleep on her mat. I am a super light sleeper and she’ll keep me awake. I hope she falls asleep while I’m working on the story.

I don’t get anywhere, can’t concentrate and close up my laptop. She’s sound asleep on the carpet next to her mat. I have pillows next to the mat so she doesn’t roll off, even though it’s only a few inches high, so I suspect she was sitting next to it waiting for me to allow her into bed with me and fell asleep. I’m afraid to move her and wake her. So I turn off her lullaby machine, yay! No wonder I couldn’t write. And then hope I can sleep with her stars and moon lights racing across the ceiling over and over and over again.

I can’t. But I know if she wakes and it’s not on, she’ll be scared. I try to sleep. I can’t. It doesn’t matter. I’ll hand her off today after her parents have time to sleep in. And then I’ll take a nap. Can’t sleep. Can’t sleep. 11 pm, she cries out with a nightmare.

“I’m right here.” And I reach out my arms and she’s in bed with me for the rest of the night. I think I slept for about 2 hours. Then I hear this whale like sound. I’ve been listening for the rain that never comes. Didn’t come yesterday. Didn’t come Thursday. Is the whale like sound Tanner? How could a little Havanese sound like a whale?

I don’t want to get up yet. Little one is still sleeping. I want one of us well rested at least. And I’m just resting my eyes.

Whale sound again. Little whimper from Max. I know they need to go out, but they won’t go and do their business outside without me. It all has to do with when they were puppies and I didn’t have a fenced-in yard.

But if I get up, it will wake little one, and then she needs to go to the bathroom, be fed, then the dogs taken out, and fed, and taken out. I just want everyone–but me–to sleep a little longer.

Whale sound.

Little one stretches a couple of times. Looks over at me. Okay, it’s time to get up, let the dogs out, though they just come right back in waiting for me to come out with them.

This is going to be a long morning, but we had fun yesterday, and after I feed the dogs, get her dressed, let the dogs out again, I hope to take her for a walk because…there’s no rain.

Have a super great day!!! Mine is off to a tired start!


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