Well, it cooled down a little, which gave me the bright idea of weeding first thing this morning when it’s light enough to see. It also had rained yesterday a couple of times–yay! Which makes it easier–kind of–to pull out weeds. Before long, the sun was bearing down on me, no breeze, fire ants all over the place, and though I filled up a 40 gal bag with weeds and grass, I still need to do a lot more. But I figured if I expired on the spot, I wouldn’t get any more done either.

Hyacinth Bean Flowers I Discovered the Hummingbirds Love

So I’m back inside trying to cool off, drinking tons of water. I check the weather. Feels like 86 degrees and we have mostly cloudy. NO WAY. It’s more like fully sunny with a hint of cloud if you look really hard to find them.

Hot. Hot. Hot. And Muggy.

Okay, I’m back to my regularly scheduled writing. Have a great day and don’t believe everything the weatherman says!


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