Bird and Flowers

We had more rain! We are supposed to have more today late this afternoon. Yay! It helps to break up the miserably hot, sunny days. The temperature is going back up again by Friday, so I’m enjoying the cooler days. I need to weed more, but I’ve got to run an errand first thing this morning, so I’ve taken my walk, put out the garbage, fed the dogs, all that routine stuff, and oh, yeah, I did pull up some spent sunflowers.

I wrote 5,000 words yesterday! Yay! I’m over halfway done. Like by 2,000. Not like near the end. But when I started, I have to remind myself, I didn’t have anything close to 42,000, so I’ve come a long way, baby.

I was so behind on writing last week–had little one on Monday and Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. I had planned to get my 3,000 on Saturday after she went home. I only managed a 1,000 words after taking care of little one until 10 and then we all got together and they took her home at 11. I was so tired, I didn’t get much done. Even so, on Sunday I ended up filling a 40 gal bag of weeds before I really sat down to write 5,000 words yesterday.

Which proves to me that I can do both and still get a lot of writing done. So no excuses!

Have a super day and stay safe!!!


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