Turtle and Shelf Mushroom on Our Walk

It was way too hot–105 heat index, but little one and I went to feed the turtles at another pond. It’s closer to the house. There’s another one even closer, but it didn’t even have any of the tiny fish in it, so nothing came when we threw out some turtle food. I have seen turtles and wading birds in it, soooo. We walked to the other pond in the heat. Awful.

But there, we couldn’t see any turtles, lots of fish though. Then I realized we had walked right past a turtle and it was hurrying to get off the grass and into the water. He was right next to us. lol They’re shyer in there. No one is feeding them. So we will feed these turtles whenever little one is here. We’ll have to take a walk first thing early in the morning though. Then it’s the splashpad out back in the shade and then the rest of the day, we’ll be inside doing air conditioned fun.

I tried to blog yesterday and had another glitching blog. I had to run, so didn’t get back until afternoon.

In the meantime, I’m trying to dig up all the weed grass in the front yard. It grows in dark green tufts and it is taking over my yard. I think my grass needs some nutrients. It’s yellow green.

Where the dirt is showing, that’s where I’ve dug up these nefarious weed grass tufts. It’s a job and a half in this heat and humidity. I did a ton of it last night. The first picture was as bad as the bottom picture, but I dug up tons of it there already. I tried to do more this morning, but fire ants started biting and I gave up. I’ll try again tonight.

But right now? I’m back to writing the book.

Have a super day!!


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