Gargoyle Picture I Took on a Castle in Scotland

I write about werewolves, why not gargoyles? In my fantasy novels, I could. I wrote about unicorns and trolls and the fae. In my urban fantasy, it has to be more realistic. Unless I write like some authors who have done, who created a gargoyle as a romantic hero in modern times. Don’t think it can be done? lol

I was a skeptic, but they were fun to read.

So I was reading that keeping your mind active with creating new things can help keep your brain functioning better. Yay!!!

Maybe working on the oil painting class is helping my brain out. I sure hope so. Of course, creating stories should too.

Okay, enough fantasy and reality–I am avoiding the news today so it doesn’t hurt my mojo to write–I’m off to get at it again. Seven-thousand words to go! And to think I hadn’t even written a word of the novel only a short while ago!

Oh, and Joy to the Wolves will be in audiobook too. I’m so excited about that!

Coming Sept 29th!

Try to have a great day and stay safe!


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