Hot, Hot, and More Hot

100 degrees Fahrenheit, tack on 12 for heat index. Took my walk early and man is it muggy. I was trying to take pictures of ladybugs, a whole crop of them are eating away at the bugs on my plants, yay! And my lens kept fogging up.

Oil Painting Class–2nd simple Photoshop Oil Painting

I’m getting a little bit better at this. But this is like the 2nd time I’ve worked on it, so practice makes better. We have eggs to do soon. Ugh. I can’t imagine trying to keep sharp edges on the eggs. lol I had uploaded the wrong picture at first. I thought I had redone it with a better background. The backgrounds are a lot of fun to make.

First Simple Photoshop Oil I did.

It’s fun to do though. Anyway, back to the story. Getting together with the kids in a little while.

Have a great day!!


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