Storms Brought the Heat Down!

Radishes Painted in the Beyond Your Brushes Art Class

We had delight storms last night! Yay! Woke me up, but I was so glad to get some rain and blessed relief from the heat. We took a walk this morning to feed the fish. The turtles wouldn’t come to us. Their loss. I figure if we keep going over there to feed them, they’ll finally get a clue.

It was so nice out, I was able to weed before my granddaughter got here. I want to do more before it heats up again.

Okay, now were off to breakfast and then puzzle time and workbook time. We also picked up a bunch of leaves to do a study on. And I’m going to teach her coins. I feel like it’s a dying art. Like cursive writing.

I’ve been watching that Eco challenge. It’s really fascinating to see what people put themselves through to reach a goal. And I thought I had it hard. lol

Have a great day!!!


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