Hungry, Frisky Little Ladybugs

I’ve been having fun taking pictures of the ladybugs in the garden. I have tons of them. Usually I might find one or none a year. So this is a surprise. I still have the same number of aphids whether the ladybugs are in the garden or not, so I’m glad to see the ladybugs.

I was reworking my first simple painting this morning to resubmit for review. We can only submit a painting, then wait for review, then submit a rework or the new one if we passed–once a day. But they’re good about reviewing them daily. I’m behind on the art course from working on the books, so I’m trying to do one a day, reworks, etc, and have the next one ready as soon as one gets approved. And still work on the books. 5,000 words left on this one.

Little one and I fed the birds, the dogs, and did a puzzle and some workbooks, and collected leaves on the way home from our walk, so did some leaf tracing, not sure what it’s called, to show the form and veins, and I was teaching her about the different kinds of leaves. I showed her all the ladybugs too.

Then we worked with coins–teaching her about the penny, nickle, dime, and quarter. I was teaching her about the value, but she was having difficulty figuring out which were which, so I concentrated on having her tell me what they were and which pile of coins they belonged to. This is the first time we’ve done it and she was having a ball. It’s fun when teaching is fun.

We’ll keep doing that every time I have her. I was teaching her to count by 10s with dimes, 5s with nickles, etc.

Anyway, today is writing day!!! It’s going to be beastly again. sigh.

Have a super wonderful day!


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